The Big Assembly is an annual broadcast that provides apprenticeship advice to schools, parents, students and employers.

Last year’s 2022 Big Assembly broadcast was viewed live and on-demand by 100,000 people. 
This year’s Big Assembly will take place on 7th February 2023 at 11:10am.  

Covering all topics BIG and small, the 2023 Big Assembly will help dispel any myths about apprenticeships and bring together industry experts, employers, and most importantly current apprentices as they answer questions about apprenticeships. 
Alex Glasner, Managing Director at Workpays, said: 

“The aim of The Big Assembly is simple: inspire the next generation of apprentices. For many school leavers, the broadcast is a starting point to discover what their next steps are after graduation — whether it be employment or further education. The Big Assembly is the jewel in the crown of National Apprenticeship Week! 

Broadcast live from Pret in London, the 2022 Big Assembly was the BIGGEST one yet; so we are really blown away by how many people have already signed up to watch this year’s, which will be even bigger. We have some exciting names on our panel and even more employers joining this year to discuss why apprenticeships are so great!”  

The 2023 Big Assembly is free and can be watched online, by signing up here: 

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