About the Year of Engineering

The Year of Engineering is a government campaign, which celebrates the world and wonder of engineering. It also forms an important part of our Industrial Strategy which is committed to boosting engineering across the UK, ensuring everyone has the skills needed to thrive in a modern economy.

From spaceships to ice skates, the bubbles in chocolate bars to life saving cancer treatment, engineering touches every part of our lives. However, not enough young people – especially young girls – think it’s a world for them. As a result, the industry is struggling to recruit future talent. What’s more, young people are missing out on the chance to make a positive difference to both their futures, that of the planet and everything that calls it home.

This website has been developed to provide you with the tools you need to get involved in the Year of Engineering – whether you’re a parent looking for inspiration to share with your children, a teacher in search of lesson ideas, or a potential partner interested in lending your support to the campaign.