Research Fellow, University College London

I am a Research Fellow at University College London working closely with clinicians at Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to enhance current and investigate new rehabilitation paradigms for people with disabilities. The aim is to design, manufacture, and test devices and protocols to be used in various aspects of rehabilitation. We are working towards translation to common in/outpatient procedures and home solutions. In my line of work, engineering is the best part of it as I have to be up to date with current, and think about improved and/or new technologies to be used to make life more confortable with people with impairments. It is the most inclusive line of work where medicine, mathematics, physics, economics and many other subjects overlap and me having the hands on practice at all of them. I was awarded a PhD degree by Middlesex University London on the topics of biomedical engineering, rehabilitation and assistive technologies. I have obtained my BSc in Electrical Engineering and Computing and MSc degree in Biomedical Engineering from School of Electrical Engineering and Technologies, University Of Belgrade.