Natasha Cottrell

Business Adminstrator Apprentice at Workpays

I chose to do an apprenticeship because it has given me the opportunity to gain a qualification whilst working in a job I enjoy. I am learning new skills and I’m able to develop existing skills that are relevant to my job role which allows me to produce a good standard of work for my company. I’m able to learn at a pace I’m comfortable with and receive good support from my assessor and managers.

I am active as a Young Apprentice Ambassador because it’s given me the opportunity to promote the benefits of gaining a qualification whilst working and I hope to inspire other young learners to take up an apprenticeship. As a young apprenticeship ambassador, I would like to promote the idea of apprenticeships to employers in hope they will consider taking on new apprentices.

I am excited about The Big Assembly because it gives me the opportunity to discuss the benefits of apprenticeships with a large audience and answer any questions young people or employers may have. I can share my own positive experience, how I made the decision to become an apprentice and how it has benefitted me within my personal and working life.

This year’s theme for NAW is diversity, promoting diversity is important to me because it’s so important for everyone to acknowledge/understand that everyone has individual differences. Workpays’ understanding and attitude towards diversity is brilliant, I suffer with a range of mental health issues and since joining the company I have received a lot of support from everyone within the company. I work with a really good team of people and my manager has been really accommodating with time needed for appointments with doctors and councillors. I’m able to talk openly about my own mental health and that is so important as my team then understand how they can support me; I have never been made to feel like I’m ‘different’ from the rest of my team. Promoting diversity is important for both employers and employees, employers can boost their productivity and reputation, employees feel at ease; they don’t feel as though they will be singled out and excluded no matter their age, gender, opinions, religion or physical abilities.

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